Purple Ballet Shoes

This is a kind of ballet shoes..
I found the original pattern tutorial in Youtube. It is made by 4.25 mm hook…
And it measures approximately 11 cm length, and 2″ wide..
This is the link of the tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7rPqqzU4Lw

But I don’t have 4.25 mm hook, I have 4.00 mm hook and 4.50 mm hook…
I also use a kind of local yarn, Soft Cotton Big Ply which is suitable for 4.00 mm hook.. When I made my own shoes, it was come smaller than the original.
Mine is 9 cm length…

So I used a different stitch and added some stitch to make my own shoes larger. Then it will be fit the measurement….
Here it is….. my purple ballet shoes, measures 11 cm length and 2″ wide..

2013-06-28 06.10.56


Anyone who want to know my larger pattern can ask me for the pattern..
My pattern is in diagram, may it will be easier to understand..


Contact: SMS/WhatsApp/KakaoTalk -> +6282139253892
Email : shabrinahandmadecrochet@gmail.com

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